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International Courier Service is the premium choice to optimize all your transportation needs. We excel at providing superior shipping solutions and offer an unparalleled combination of price, value, and service.

Rely on Our Customs Expertise

Complex regulations and paperwork can leave lots of room for error, and mistakes can lead to big fines. You wouldn’t do your corporate taxes without an accountant, so why try to tackle international customs without a trusted partner to help you through?.

Whether you’re importing or exporting, or transporting freight or packages, we’ve got you covered.

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You’re not alone. We deliver solutions to help you.


In accordance with your needs we organize domestic and international deliveries of cargo.

Business Solutions

Transport services are integrated with other services to offer our customers effective cost solutions.


We offer a revolutionary solution that pushes the boundaries beyond other TMS systems.


We can help you with all questions on airfreight, sea, freight and international trucking.

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