Ecommerce Solutions

Online sales have grown by billions of dollars each year. Make sure you’ve got the tools to put your business at an e-commerce advantage. Use Diamond Express Link (DEL) for all of your e-commerce shipping needs.

  • Every day solutions for what you need to start selling online – TODAY!
  •   Improve your customer’s shopping experience and reduce your costs.
  • Easy to use cloud based tools and pricing to help you do more!



Selling Globally?- International Shipping. Hassle Free. Global Reach. – The world just got a lot smaller..

  •  If your business is looking to expand into new markets, the easy online solutions offered by Diamond Express Link (DEL) can help you gain more customers, more sales, and more success.
  • With a wide range of global logistic partners from fast to economical,Diamond Express Link (DEL) has the best selection of international service destinations that will fit your needs so you can DELIVER!


Diamond Express Link (DEL) can provide you with professional, customized solutions, including:

 – International Package Forwarding

   – Warehousing & fulfillment international

   – Custom branding / Re-packaging

   – Quality Check

   – Last mile delivery to your customer

   – COD solutions

   – Customs clearance

   – and much more…

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