Diamond Express Link (DEL)™ International

U.S.A Service:

Diamond Express Link (DEL)™ was the first company to offer next day service between India and New York – 30 years later we remain the leader in this market.

Next-day direct delivery from Asia region to New York

48-hr delivery to any destination in USA

72-hr delivery to any destination in Europe

Delivery from India to any destination in world within 5 – 6 days

International Courier Services:

Diamond Express Link(DEL)™ provides service to various international locations:

  • Middle East
  • United Kingdom and European Union Countries
  • Far East
  • South East Asia
  • African Continent and Other prominent Locations.

For specialized pricing information, please contact us

Diamond Express Link (DEL) PPO™

Diamond Express Link (DEL)™ Other Services

Diamond Express Link (DEL) PPO™ is a Personal Post Office service for retail & corporate buyers in India to purchase goods online directly from retailers abroad.

  • A local US shipping address / Mailbox
  • Payment facility in local currency
  • Low-cost shipping to customers in India
  • Customs clearance and door delivery
  • Guaranteed 5- day delivery U.S. to your door*

Diamond Express Link (DEL)™ Student Services

DEL helps students and applicants succeed in admissions to universities at various international locations.

We understand the hard work put in organizing university applications, Letters Of Recommendation, Certificates, Bank Drafts, Statement of Purpose and Other Bonafides.

All of this goes in vain once when you have to trust the on-time delivery of your applications to Luck.

With DEL students can have peace of mind when they send their university applications ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Diamond Express Link (DEL)™ Tourist Services


Created with your convenience in mind, ICC Tourist Service takes the hassle out of shopping by letting you buy as much as you like without having to pay for high excess baggage fees.

Simply drop off your newly acquired purchases at any of our conveniently located DEL Points and we’ll deliver them straight to your doorstep with our speed and efficiency.

Discover how DEL TOURIST SERVICES is much more affordable as compared to excess baggage rates on major airlines.

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